Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Sushi Night!

We heart ourselves some sushi. Not only because it's duper dee-lish and healthy but it's also super simple to make. Plus, since Sparky is a vegetarian, we can control what we put into our sushi while still changing it up everytime we make it. There are so many options with sushi. Next time we make sushi, I'm going to try shrimp and crab. I normally have salmon in the house, so I might try some salmon in there too. Not all at the same time, though. One of these rolls is pretty filling even though it doesn't seem like there is much in it!!

What you will need:
Bamboo mat
Nori (sheets of seaweed)
Sticky rice
Cream Cheese
Green Onion (stalks)
Soy Sauce
*You can always use your own choice of vegetables or meat.

Lay your mat on the counter or on foil or whatever suits your Asian sushi making fancy. Lay one sheet of nori (sheet of seaweed)on the mat. Spread your sticky Asian rice (not that American instant minute rice stuff...ewww) over the seaweed. Notice my super uber cool rice maker from the Asian market in the background. You're jealous, right?

Cut slices/strips of cream cheese.

Lay your strips of cream cheese longways on the rice.

Add slices/strips of avocado.

Add a stalk/strip/whatever you want to call it of green onion. Begin a really tight roll. Make sure you don't tear the nori/seaweed but give it a nice tight tuck with each roll.

Voila! Wrong language, I know. But still. Voila! All wrapped up but not quite complete.

Slice into pieces that you think you can fit into your mouth. 1/2inch-1inch...whatever works best for you.

We enjoyed some wine with our homemade sushi. Use a small dipping plate or bowl for your soy sauce. Too bad we didn't have some sake!

Give it a shot and let me know how your sushi turns out!

Keep on Keepin on.

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