Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Tour de Cure 2009

Somehow I have been talked into riding 18 miles on my little bike. It’s for a good cause though. If you want to donate to the American Diabetes Association Tour de Cure 2009 and sponsor myself and/or Team Control, you can click on the link located at the top right hand side of my page or here. The event takes place on June 27, 2009 in Mustang, OK if you want to also come out and support us! This is a ride, not a race (thank goodness!). I have agreed to ride 18 miles, while Jerry and Sparky will more than likely ride 62 miles…of course. :)

Here is a little background information in case you don’t already know. Team Control’s captain and fearless leader is Jerry Willis, who lives with Type I Diabetes. Jerry is also Sparky’s brother for those of you that are really nosey. Jerry was only diagnosed a few years ago with Type I Diabetes, which rarely happens in your late twenties. Jerry had to learn all about Type I Diabetes and how to control and live with it. He is now more active and healthy than many people that do not have to live with any kind of disease. Jerry has been racing bicycles for about a year now and is determined and on track to make the Team Type I racing team…which is a pretty big deal. Just sayin.

I am also riding for my dad who has borderline Type II Diabetes. Type II Diabetes can be prevented, but there needs to be more education available about it.

I’d love to have your support for Jerry and all people living with diabetes as well as my first commitment to a big cycling event!! If you pay me enough…I might wreck on purpose. Just kidding!!

******I have been training for this ride! This past Saturday I rode 15 miles…partially in heavy wind! Other than the wind, it was a great ride and I am sure the 18 miles I have committed to will be super fun!

Keep on Keepin on.

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Tina said...

I think that is great and I think I need to get my FAT A@! up and do something too :)