Wednesday, April 08, 2009


As I was sitting at work, attempting to focus on my deadline, I was suddenly overcome with the feeling of how ridiculously happy I am in my life. I had to stop typing for a moment and just close my eyes. All theses wonderful images and thoughts just overwhelmed my already happy heart. I don’t know if I have ever really felt this sense of overwhelming happiness. I feel so lucky and grateful (not blessed) for the way my life has changed in the past year. It was all meant to happen the way it has happened. There was a path I was supposed to be on and a path I need to stay on; there always will be.

I don’t believe in being “blessed” although I was raised a Catholic and my mother is still one of the most loyal Catholics in the world…with the exception of maybe the Pope. I am not an atheist either. But, I’m not sold and not really supportive of organized religion. I’m especially against HUGE churches that make money off of people’s fear of disappointing God. I’m also against big and small churches that gain power and take advantage of the poor by instilling the fear of disappointing God. I do believe that any God is and will always be loving and he does expect his people to be kind, fair, and loving to one another. But that is just me. It seems that too many organized religions have too much judgment and hate and hypocrisy for me to support them. I’ll stick with trying to be the best person I can be to those I encounter everyday.

So much has happened in the past few weeks. It could be overwhelming, and I’ll admit, there were a few moments of tears and doubt. But today, I have no regret. I am confident with my decisions and I am overcome with love and happiness. Always follow your heart but also consider all your options. Do your best for yourself but still take others into consideration as well. Think before you act. Be confident in your decisions and never regret for a second moving forward. Live your life. Life a wonderful and happy life.

Keep on Keepin on.


It's Because I'm the Mom said...

pretty deep for so early in the morning.

glad you are doing so well.

jmcqueen82 said...

those moments that you catch yourself in absolute BLISS are magnificent! I am so happy that you are so happy Debbie! 'Bout friggin time some happy came your way!! ;)

Blondie said...

First, lovin the captcha: driwist

Second, well versed my friend

Third, glad to see some postage going on

Fourth, dinner plans in the near future

C said...

Beautiful post, Deb!