Thursday, June 26, 2008

Birthday Bash-ing

I know I have not written in a couple of weeks and I hate to return to the writing board with a nasty little vent. BUT I am so bothered by a person's audacity that I have to share the rant with the world.

Here is some background first. There is this girl (don't most venting rages start this way?)...anyway, there is this girl that works for my "Person." The poor girl is the only girl that works with 5 guys. I know you got to give her some credit. BUT, she is whiny, needy, emotional, immature, and selfish. I know...why am I judging? Oh, not judging, it is the truth. I have defended her and sympathized with the young "woe is me" girl but there is a point when you have to buck up and grow up a little.

So, today is her birthday. Her sad story is that she hasn't celebrated her birthday in the STATES in a while. I know....poor poor her. Her last few birthdays have been in a different country. boo freaking hoo. So, she wants to make sure she has a good birthday in the states. OK. Fine. I understand wanting to have a good birthday period.

Last night, a group of us went to eat for her birthday. It was all the guys from her work and their woman friends. Keep in mind that this girl is the youngest and she is 3-5 years younger than the rest of us. All of us are having a good time, eating, telling jokes, and she even got a birthday cookie and the waitress to sing to her. Fun right?

In addition to last night, I offered that we and some other girls go out Friday night for her birthday and do some bar hopping or something with just the girls. I am very willing to try and make someone have a fun birthday.

SOOOOOOOOO, this morning I get a phone call from an unknown number...and if I do not recognize the number, I do not answer. The caller left me a voicemail. The message was from the birthday girl's friend, whom I never gave my phone number to....the birthday girl gave it to her. The friend proceeds to inform me that the birthday girl was upset and mad that she did not got a gift from anyone the night before. So, on Friday, the birthday girl wants a real birthday party with a cake. Not just any cake, but a white cake with confetti. She also has a list of places she wants to go on Friday night that she thinks will be fun.

I can't believe it! Who does that? I would never for a second be mad or upset that all the people that showed up for my birthday dinner didn't get me a gift. We are not turning 10 years old here, we're turning 23, little missy! I would never tell the people that offered to take me out for my birthday that my first birthday celebration sucked because no one got me a gift and that I want a certain kind of birthday cake for my second celebration.

I am a firm believer that if you don't expect it or demand it, people will be more likely to bend over backwards to make sure that your "day", whatever it may be, will be joyful. I have always joked that I have a birthday week, but if someone was unable to come out to celebrate due to prior obligations or money matters, I would never hold that against them. I would never notice if my friends showed up without gifts, their presence is more than enough for me. I have never been one to expect anyone else to ensure my happiness; I am the only who controls my own happiness. Most years, if asked what I want for my birthday, I have no idea when it comes to material things...I can normally get "things" for myself. I only ask for peoples' presence...and if you can't come, I'll probably see you on your birthday or next year at mine if you can make it.

So, normally I would give in and still be nice. I would go get the cake and show up with a smile. I am thinking not this time. She is not a "good" friend of mine and I frankly do not have the extra money to make her 23rd birthday (the first in the states for awhile) the big bash she is demanding. I am tired of defending her and sticking up for her immaturity. I would much rather go home after work, put on my PJ's, and watch a rental movie...and I think that is exactly what I am going to do.

Any thoughts?


BlondeLittleShit said...

Ummmmm...Debbie, there is something I've been wanting to tell you. I'm upset that my birthday back in April wasn't the best so I'm gonna need you to go run out and get me a cake from Tiger Lily and I need it to cost at least $100 plus, I think you could have gotten me some more gifts than what you did, so I'm gonna need you to take care of that as well! SERIOUSLY????? Seriously?

I can't believe what I'm reading. What a brat! #1. what boy thinks to buy gifts for their friend's birthday, much less their co-worker (who's turning 23)? #2.Who in the hell demands a birthday celebration Retake? and #3. Seriously?

I think you have a right to be upset. It's like she threw your Happy Birthday wishes down on the ground and pooped on them.

This reminds me of a couples baby shower that a girl at work is co hosting. The couples are making demands of kegs, wine, and Mojoto $600 worth of Bar-B-Q catered, a $200 cake and the list goes on...

Some people just aren't grateful. I feel sorry for her in the way that she has such a low self esteem that she feels if she doesn't get gifts on her birthday that she isn't loved.

That's 1...2...3...Embarassing.

Becky B. said...

She sounds like she hasn't grown up,yet. I would go out, as planned but not bring gifts or cake. Buy her a drink and sing happy birthday. I only suggest this because to cancel the plans might cause problems for your
S.O. Otherwise I would have said "NO WAY" to going out with her. Make sure some of your friends go, as well so you can have some fun,too.

Kalin said...

I just recently started reading your blog. Love it and all the pictures!

In response to this entry: Wow! Who DOES that?! I gave my older sisters lots of crap for not coming to my birthday party, but I give them crap about, well, everything.

Don't do anything for her. No matter what effort you make, it sounds like it's going to fall short of her ridiculous expectations.

C said...

Oh my gosh! That is crazy! Who on earth does that!?!?! First off, a person should never expect or demand presents or that people throw her a birthday bash. Secondly, she isn't even a friend of yours!!!

You were kind enough to even offer to do something on Friday with her. Let her friends throw her a birthday party! That is crazy. I can't believe she even had the nerve to say that she was upset that no one gave her a present. She's lucky you guys even went out for dinner with her.

C said...

Ummmm...okay, I realize my comment seemed a bit b*tchy! LOL! These pregnancy hormones are seriously making me have very little tolerance for stupidity though :) I wonder how long I can use that as an excuse? LOL! ;)

I'D say screw it, I've got other things to do other than cater to the whims of some demanding chick I hardly know when she should have HER friends throw her a birthday party. BUT, seeing how your "person" works with her, you don't want her giving him a rough time either. Maybe just go for out for a bit and try to enjoy yourself. Don't come bearing presents and the fancy cake she wants though. Seriously, let her friends take care of that part. It's not YOUR responsibility.

Wow. I'm just happy when my friends come out and join us for my birthday. I don't need, want or expect anything from them. Their presence is gift enough.

Anyway, let us know how that turns out...


Deb said...

Kalin- Welcome! I am ecstatic...and quite shocked that you enjoy my little ole blog. I will definitely head on over to yours...I am sure it is super splendid and kicks mines in the big booty.

Deb said...

Thanks for all the comments my weird blogging groupies. I would really love to suck it up and go out, but even my "person" said to stick to my guns. i just don't think i'll be able to accept the spoiled brat attitude. movie, wine, and comfy pj's will be on my schedule.

jmcqueen82 said...

I absolutely 100% agree with Brig here. DO NOT humor that sort of behavior or will think it is okay to act like that.

I hope you stuck to your guns.

boo on stupid girls!!

yea for Debbie!!

by the way how was the alone time? shoot me an email and fill me in on all the happenings.

C said...

Just popping in to see the what happened! :) Glad you decided to not go! Good for you! XO