Wednesday, October 10, 2007

cheddar pepper war

It is Wednesday. The highlight of my day has been picking up lunch for the office and it was a highlight obviously becuase I was able to leave the office. Boredom is the key word for today. Playing on myspace can only be entertaining for so long before I feel like I'm stalking everyone who has better things to do today other than waste company time. The clock for today's countdown is has to be. This day is inching by. My sanity is inching by. My boredom is consuming my proactiviness today. Proactivity took a day off today without letting me know...jerk.

My cheddar peppers are laughing at me. I ordered them with my grilled chicken sandwich and felt guilty afterward. I still haven't eaten them because of my aweful guilt. Now they sit and laugh. They taunt me. They brought their friend Buttermilk Ranch with them...jerk. Yet I haven't thrown them away yet. The cheddar pepper war will occupy my endless countdown.

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